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Crunchy Garlic w Chili Oil

110g per quantity. It is a special add-on condiment of chili oil with savory and crunchy ingredients. “Chili oil”, “Fried Garlic”, “Almond” and “Chili Paste” are well-mixed. Exquisite taste and texture are outstandingly good with various menus. It is not overly spicy hot at all. Use as a versatile topping for chicken, sushi, pasta, salad, noodles, tofu,...
Cooking & Essential

Marukin Bonito Soba Sauce 340ml

Product description: 340ml per bottle. Combined honjyozo soy sauce with freshly-baked bonito flakes.You can easily enjoy the taste of traditional Yabu-soba soup at home.Ideal for making Zaru-soba and Mori-soba. (for Soup or Cold Dipping)
Product desciption: 250ml per bottle. Kikkoman Teriyaki Thick sauce is produced with soy sauce and other selected ingredients for uniquely flavoured product. This product can be used alone or as a foundation in developing other products.
Product description: 150ml per bottle. Yamagen Sashimi Shoyu enhances a fish taste with its sweet flavour. This tabletop size is convenient for everyday house use. Not only can you use it for sashimi, but it also can be used for sushi and stews.
Product description: 25g per bottle. Japan Salt White Truffle Salt is made from the white truffles, which can be harvested only in winter. It can be paired with a variety of dishes, pasta, grilled meats, cheese, vegetables, and foie gras.
Cooking & Essential

All-Purpose Soy Sauce (Kikkoman)

250g per quantity. Enjoy the complex and rich taste of Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce. It contains no preservatives and is brewed using traditional techniques, a delicate process that takes months. Only selected ingredients are used to produce a pure, subtle, savory taste, which is totally different from non-brewed sauces.
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