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XMAS Bundle

Bundle consists of: - Pizza Base 8" 10pcs  (Choice of Normal or Very Very Thin) - Shredded Cheese 2kg  (Choice of Mozzarella or Cheddar) - Greens 300g (Baby spinach/Wild Rocket/Lettuce Mesclun) - Ham (Turkey Ham or Turkey Bacon)
Bundle consists of: - Turkey 4 to 4.5kg, US (Halal Certified) - Baby Potatoes - Baby carrots with leaves and broccoli - Log cake (Choice of Raspberry Chocolate or Chocolate Pearl or Ondeh Ondeh)
Bundle consists of: - Full Dozen Frozen Hyogo Oyster, Japan - Scallops w Shell 1kg (Size 10-12)  - Hamachi Collar 1kg
Bundle consists of: - Charcoal Bun 4" 5pcs - Beef Patties 5pcs (100g each) - Butterhead Lettuce 200g - Roma Tomato 500g - Cheddar Slice

XMAS Freshbakes

Ala Carte


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