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500g. Osaki Suisan is the Japanese brand that pioneered the crab and fish sticks that have now grown to be widely popular internationally. Osaki Crab Sticks are fish meat mixed with crab juice but have a similar taste and mouthfeel as compared to the more expensive crab meats. It serves as a great addition to sushi.
Meat & Seafood

Tobikko Orange (DAIEI)

500g. This product is made in Japan and contains raw flying fish roe. It has a crunchy texture with a salty and nutty taste. It is nutritious, due to its high vitamin and protein content. It is flash frozen to maintain quality and freshness.
Meat & Seafood

Hayashida Mentaiko Tube

Mentaiko Paste is a mixture of salty pollock roe, chili powder and other savory seasonings. It is a fusion of Italian and Japanese cuisine and can turn any plain, boiled pasta into a satisfying seafood dish within seconds.
Aburaage is Japanese deep-fried tofu pouches made from soybeans. You can use it to make inari sushi, or add it to miso soup and hot pot.
Meat & Seafood

Shishamo (8pcs) Smelt

8pcs. Shishamo in Japanese literally means “Willow Leaf Fish”. The fish is slim and longish, resembling a willow leaf. It is scientifically named as Spirinchus lanceolatus. In Japanese cuisine, this fish is grilled or fried whole and served with its roe intact.
Meat & Seafood

Unagi Whole

avg 220g. Unagi Kabayaki, or also known as Grilled Teriyaki Marinated Eel is well known throughout the Japanese culinary world for its fatty, sweet and tender fresh. The marinate is lightly sweet and full of flavor, this ingredient is simple and easy to prepare and even easier to finish!
Product description: 100g per quantity. Kizami Nori (刻み海苔) is sprinkled to garnish on top of noodles and donburi (rice bowl). The nori seaweed is pre-shredded and packaged for convenience. 
Product description: 500g per quantity. High-quality pufferfish dried in a carefully selected mirin. You can enjoy its aroma and texture just by lightly roasting. When roasted, it has a fragrant aroma and a rich flavour of the pufferfish.

Fruits & Vegetables

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